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Are you looking for an experienced coach who can provide deep introspection and practical support? Sue Ross is precisely the coach you need. She is an ACC-level certified executive coach with the International Coach Federation and holds a Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on strategy, leadership and the future of work. With a proven track record in guiding leaders to higher performance levels, Sue is a trusted authority in this area. 

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Executive Coaching: Become aware of yourself, understand how you create the conditions you don’t want, and learn how to change your behaviours. Enhance your leadership, decision-making, and strategic growth planning with tailored one-to-one guidance.

EQ Assessment: Improve self-awareness and interpersonal relationships by comprehensively evaluating your or your team member’s emotional intelligence.

Comprehensive 360 Reviews: Gain clarity into actionable momentum by opening yourself up to feedback. As a leader, become self-aware and inspire success.

Culture Change:  Find your organization’s true values and create a high-performance and harmonious culture.

Transitions: Take a step forward consciously into your next chapter – whether you are exiting, retiring, midlife, going on a sabbatical, or changing relationships.

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Futureproof Your Leadership

Trends and Predictions for An Ambiguous Future As a coach, I am often asked how to prepare for the future. It can feel taxing as a leader to think about your own future and that of your team. This is especially true for entrepreneurs, as…
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Get To Know Your Partner In Growth

Hi there! I’m Sue Ross and I believe personal development drives business outcomes.

I’m a trusted advisor for those wanting to create meaningful change. I’ve spent 15+ years in service leadership, and moments like growing my own tech-enabled platform for families into a thriving community both on and offline, saving valuable time for businesses through innovative systems, developing leaders, and driving economic development across many sectors.

I hold a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, certifications in executive coaching, emotional intelligence, and change management, as well as an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation. I’ve always been driven by a passion for personal and professional growth. My experience has taught me that achieving your business goals and living the life you wish to live are not mutually exclusive.

I’m ready to walk alongside you on this journey.

Are You Ready to Invest in Yourself and Your Team for Long-Term Success?